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Vibration and Music for Each Day of the Week. Part 1 Mon., Tue., Wed.

Vibration and Music for Each Day of the Week. Part 1 Mon., Tue., Wed.

Part 1


Sound carries vibration. The body resonates on a frequency. Think about when you’re watching a mystery movie and the music played makes you nervous or afraid, the music’s vibration or frequency is unsettling to the ear and is moved through the body in turn creating the emotion of fear in the body. Switch the idea, spiritual or moving music, songs of praise; when you’ve sat in a church on a Sunday morning and been moved to tears. Why? The same idea applies. The frequency or vibration of the music moves through the body and creates an energy and emotion of connection to source.

In the India each day of the week has a particular song or mantra associated with that day. Each of these mantras create a vibration to help with the issues that many of face during the week. Let’s look at these mantras and the meaning behind them.


Monday, the day ruled by the moon. Myth has it that Mondays were a day important to Shiva. Shiva represents a positive destroyer, responsible for destroying our attachments, relationships, and desires that create a distraction in order for us to move forward in our spiritual path. Even though this can be painful, it serves for the highest good of ourselves and the universe as a whole.


The mantra for Monday can be one of many about Shiva also known as a Shiva Strotam. Many devotees also will wear white on Mondays as colors serve in the same way as sound resonating on a particular frequency.



Tuesday, the day ruled by Mars. Mars has been associated with being the ‘trouble maker’ of the planetary system. The mantra for Mondays are those dedicated to Hanuman. Myth says that the beloved Hanuman was a monkey who was a strong warrior against darkness, devoted to his teachers and the divine , persevering, humble, and that even though the way he went about things might have been difficult he was always well meaning. He learned the scriptures in 60 hours, an amazing feat. And when he had to save Lakshmana by fetching a life-saving herb from the mountain, he couldn’t discern the right one, so he just brought the whole mountain! So, many pictures you’ll see him holding the mountain in one hand.


The song is called the Hanuman Chalisa. Chalisa means 40 because the song has 40 verses that sing tells of Hanumans’ great feats and sings praises to him for protecting his believers from evil, despair, disease, all troubles and darkness. Believers were red on Tuesdays in honor of Hanuman.



Wednesday, the day ruled by Mercury. Symbolizing family, Wednesdays are said to be beneficial to husbands and wives. Hmm….Weddings? It’s also a auspicious day for education and success in business. The songs are dedicated to Krishna, who is worshipped by millions as God incarnated and to some seen only as a man; a great  hero, protector, teacher, and friend. The influence of Krishna in Indian culture spreads across all aspects of life and art. He is usually pictured as blue, handsome, and playing the flute. The mystery of Krishna stems from not having  any clear historical records. Whoever he was, it seems that one thing is for sure, he was a divine energy here on Earth. Krishna literally means “Black”, for the mysterious one.


George Harrison of the Beatles devoted much of his life spreading the importance of this mantra  as one of the most divine mantras.


Hare means to take away or end, the mantra is asking God to take away our sorrows.



Look for Part 2 coming soon!


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