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Clinical Hypnosis

Hypnosis is very similar to meditation except the practitioner shares information with the clinician to help achieve a desired insight or goal.  Common issues addressed in clinical hypnosis are smoking cessation, weight loss, fears or phobias, relationship issues, general deeper understanding of self, parts therapy, wise woman or man, spiritual concerns, physical concerns, mental concerns, energetic concerns, inner child work, and many more.  Sessions are generally 1 hour. Contact me today for a consultation.

Regression Hypnosis

This style of hypnosis is to enable the practitioner to go back in time to events in this life, womb, and past life for the purpose of self improvement or deeper understanding of self. The reasons and issues addressed are plentiful and individual.  The practitioner shares what the feel comfortable with the clinician to help them achieve the desired outcome. Sessions are generally 2-3 hours. Contact me today for a consultation.

Private Yoga Session

An hour long session doing yoga asana (postures) with a certified yoga intructor. One on one instruction at a pace comfortable for the student and guided relaxation. Meeting as often as the student would like.

Private Holistic Yoga Session

An hour long session doing yoga asana (postures) that specifically target any physical or mental illness or issue affecting the individual client. One on one instruction at comfortable pace for the student and a tailored guided relaxation period focused on healing of the illness or issue at the end. Yoga therapy is more hands on and performed in a therapeutic way more so than traditional class intruction. This is a wonderful supplement to an Ayurvedic Constitution Analysis.

Corporate Yoga

Let me bring yoga to your business! Each class can be tailored to suit the needs of your business and employees. It will be based on their level of fitness, age, ability, and issues needing to be addressed. All classes will relieve physical, emotional, and mental tension. Yoga improves memory, attention, and concentration. A healthier employee will result in better job performance!Great for any business, small or large, profit or non-profit, school, atheletic groups, & instutions.

Pricing varies by length of class, number per week, and length of contract.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a guided deep relaxation that helps you to learn to relax consciously. It is known as Yogic Sleep. In traditional sleep our bodies and minds are constantly working; the mind is processing and storing information; the body is digesting, rejuvenating, pumping, and tossing & turning. In Yoga Nidra the mind and body are suggestively desensitized to physical sensation, noise, and the processing of information. The result is complete and utter relaxation. This is wonderful for any kind of physical, mental, or emotional stress or dis-ease. You lay on a mat supported by blankets and for an hour long guided relaxation. This follows a brief warm-up period of easy and gentle movements.

Ayurvedic Analysis

Ayurveda is a traditional form of Indian medicine that originated over 5000 years ago. It is one of the oldest systems of health care ever known. Ayurveda has guided millions of people in the search for well-being and holistic approaches to nutrition. During an Ayurvedic Analysis we will determine, according to your unique mental and physical characteristics, your dosha. There are three doshas, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The combination of these doshas is inherited upon conception. Most people are a combination of two doshas, sometimes they may only have one, and occasionally someone will have equal proportions of all three, making them tri-dosha. These doshas provide clues to a unique set of traits, tendencies, and attributes. They can help you to realize your personal needs for balance of the mind, the body, the energetic levels of the body, dietary needs, types of asana (yoga poses) that benefit you most, and what climate is best for you. Once the Ayurvedic Analysis has been completed and your dosha has been determined; I will help you address your dietary requirements and proper asana to restore balance into your life, this is done by completing another test to determine where your imbalances are occurring at that given moment. When you follow the instructions set forth, you will begin to notice immediate results. You will begin to perceive stability in the mind, the body will function better and have more energy, and you will be stronger, healthier, and more relaxed. You will have an overall sense of well-being in the mind, body, and spirit. Follow with regular yoga classes, private yoga, or therapeutic yoga classes for maximum benefit.


Reiki originated in Japan and is a “laying of hands” to move spiritually guided divine energy into the body.  This session is 1 hour.

Psychic Session

As of now I am offering reading in exchange for an written assessment to be filled out and returned to my instructor.  During the reading, I will tune in to answer any questions, concerns, or issues that you may have and offer intuitive guidance.  I can also tune into love ones that have passes.  This session is 1 hour.

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