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Resources for Positivity, Cleansing, Protecting, and Ascending

Resources for Positivity, Cleansing, Protecting, and Ascending

Here is a list of some of the sources that I use to help me keep a positive mind! The Internet is a wonderful resource that is easily accessible and full of great information.  Remember take what speaks to you and apply it, and forget the rest!





It’s important to keep our energy high by taking good care of our body, our mind, and our spirit.  In yoga we use the physical practice for our body along with what we eat and drink; what we watch on tv, read in books or online, and listen to on the radio all effect our mind; our spiritual studies, prayers, meditations, and rituals all keep us connected to our spiritual side.  In order to keep our all three vibrating optimally we should practice awareness and be sure that everything we absorb is of the highest vibration.   This includes healthy foods and positive reading, listening, and speaking.  What we take in we will become.




Above all it’s important to nurture yourself, take time for you, and go easy on yourself.  We are all children playing the game called life!







  • JOHN SMALLMAN,  a channeler,  he writes from different people who talk through him.  It’s a concept that may be new, but what he is saying is very positive and interesting.



johnsmallman.wordpress.com  This site he channels Saul who is thought to be an incarnation of St. Paul.



johnsmallman2.wordpress.com    This site he channels Jesus, which is really interesting.



  • Positive Thinking.  It has a lot of good info and explains a lot of the energy/spiritual side of our thinking process.



  • Lilou Mace is a great example of the power of positive thinking and manifestation.  She set out to meet Oprah in one year and made it happen! She realized the power of manifestation and creating your destiny and now her ‘co-creators’ donate for her to travel all over the world and interview cool people and place the interviews on youtube.  My dream job!!! 🙂



  • Beliefnet.com is a great site to read about anything spiritual.  My favorites are slideshows (there is one on Archangel Michael I read a lot) and quizzes ( try the one to tell you what faith you resonate with the most and then start exploring)



  • Caroline Myss is a great teacher.  This website deals with our Sacred Contract, which Caroline teaches we each come into the world with one.  Realizing our archetypes helps to better understand situations in our lives and how to better handle them, and can also help to guide us towards our true calling.



  • Positive Affirmations might remind you of Edward Smiley from SNL.  But it works!  It’s like taking a mantra and repeating everyday, all day, until it comes true.




  • I have also learned that our Angels our one of our best allies.   Archangel Michael and St. Germain both have wonderful tools for cleaning up ourselves and our relationships with others.  There are lots of resources to find a script that resonates with you personally, start with youtube. Sometimes other people literally “feed” on our energy, especially when we are caretakers and light workers.   It’s important to protect our own energy and lovingly separate our energy from people who “lean on our energy” instead of use their own.  A teacher once told me when I made a comment about being negative, she said, “Honey, there is nothing negative about you, you just got to keep the negative out of your energy field.  It’s so big it fills this whole room, so if someone negative comes in, there in your field.”  She taught me a technic to draw my energy in closer so I don’t feel invaded.   It was one of those invaluable lessons and I use it at least once a week!  Its called the Zipper.





Energy Clearing and Protection with Archangel Michael.




Energy Clearing, the Violet Flame, and releasing others from our energy field with St. Germain.




(you can copy and paste the above into google)




  • Last but not least, YouTube! Such a wealth of positive videos, you can look up any of the above and find links to more interesting and helpful videos.  I watch at least one everyday.

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