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Release Fear and Realize the Dream

Release Fear and Realize the Dream



How do we manifest great things in our life? Sometimes we don’t understand how to begin such a process. I begin with a vision, this vision begins in Chitakasha. Chitakasha is the dark space behind the eyelids or the forehead where we often see visualizations right before we fall asleep, this is the place we visualize unconscious thoughts.


It is often in this place that we find our inspiration.  Many successful people will tell you they thought of their world changing ideas in meditation.  Why? Because we are tapped into our true potential in this state, we are open to the creative flow of energy and allow our deepest desires to lift into conscious awareness.


From Thought to Form


We can decide what we want to see for our future. Every image in our mind has an energy or vibration attached to it. This energy can actually permeate the physical body and extend into a higher state where the image manifests into a tangible form.


Have you ever thought of someone and then the phone rang and they were on the other end? This is a great example of how we visualize something and the vibration or energy in us is released, connecting to the upper layers of ourselves which connects to something greater or a higher consciousness. That something greater or higher consciousness is connected to the person we are thinking of. The energy is sent out along the connective lines, reaching the other person and they begin to think of you.


My first experience with this connection was when I was a young child playing outside my grandmother’s house. Someone had given me a heart shaped tigers’ eye pendant. For some reason I thought it was for making wishes. There was a little boy in the neighborhood who I thought was cute and admittedly I had a crush on. This particular day I was rubbing the pendant wishing whole heartedly for the boy to come outside to play. Sure enough he came out and I got my wish! I remember thinking there was something to this idea of wishing.


We’ve all heard the expression, “be careful what you wish for”. Can you manifest negative? Yes. It can work in the opposite way. We can manifest our fears and what we don’t want just as easily. There are times that negative thoughts or visions consume our mind. When we don’t control our thoughts we risk the possibility of creating a negative outcome or reaction in our lives. The Secret teaches not to think of what you don’t want because you’ll get it, the universe doesn’t compute no or not. So it’s best to be careful what we think about, what we wish for and what ideas or thoughts we put our energy into. Swami Satchidananda says it clearly in his book The Golden Present, “Pain has no interest in coming to you unless you have invited it.” We often fail to realize that we have brought the negative upon ourselves.


So we get a glimpse of the positive future idea or vision then often find it hard to hold onto. We easily get sucked back into the negative thought patterns.  This where the practice of yoga and meditation comes in, to strengthen and learn how to control the mind instead of being controlled by it. There are other tools such as vision boards, sometimes having a picture to relate to can help us realize our greatest goal, idea, or potential. Sankalpa is another great tool, using the same sankalpa or intention during our yoga practice and holding it with our hearts deepest yearning and desire creates that positive vibration but also releases it. Eventually the sankalpa will manifest, (it is promised not to fail you).


Dream, Visualize, Manifest



Sometimes we have to do the work. Get up and do something! Take one small action in the direction of your desire or goal. When I visualized opening a studio there was a point where I had to not only heed the signs that I believed were pushing me in the right direction but I had to commit to the dream by taking action. Investing in the outcome that I longed for and initiating hours of hard work to bring the dream to fruition. How many of us or someone we know have brilliant ideas but never realize any of them. Release the fear, realize the dream! Once the first step is completed we find confidence and begin to see what we are capable of.  This can be the turning point in our lives to creating the upmost positive reality.

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