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Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty


Awareness is the best and sometimes the worst part of a yoga lifestyle, because with knowledge comes responsibility.  So once the product junky who often thought the pricier and prettier the package, the better, is now the long-word on-the-label identifier and “can’t use it, it say’s fragrance” type shopper.  Some might see it as a hinderance, however I’m invested in living as long as I can with as little problems as possible.  It also helps to limit consumption (another lesson that comes with the lifestyle)!


It’s a Process…


My first moment of clarity came when I used to purchase Bath & Body Works products.  I like most of the girls I knew was so excited when they moved into the local mall and soon owned an array of smelly good lotions and soaps.  One day, I noticed that the smell was so generic that I looked at the label which of course was filled with words I can’t spell, pronounce, and surely had no idea what it was. I decided to look it up and stumbled onto a database that listed more than I ever intended to find out.  Horrified of what I was potentially creating in my body, namely CANCER, I decided it was time for a change.  A change in consciousness equalled a manifested change in how I was living my life.


Remember, as you set out on any journey of change that it is a process.  I found that it was easier to start small when cleaning up my products and to buy as I needed a particular product vs. trashing everything I already had and going gun ho…and it’s cheaper too. Over the years, I have tried different products, some have worked and some I didn’t care for.  There are a few that have passed the test and some still in transition. I’ve listed a few products that I use daily:


Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap – I love this soap for washing my face. It’s made with pure vegetable oils. The formula features coconut oil to moisturize, wild ginger to soothe, lime peel oil to refresh, orange oil to cleanse and sandalwood oil to cool skin, which is great for anyone who has blotchy skin or prone to breakouts.  Now my face is dry so I only use it once per day and follow with moisturizer.


Crystal Essence Mineral Deodorant Body Spray– I love the Lavender and White Tea blend.  It’s the only natural deodorant that I’ve found that works for me.  I do have to re-apply after yoga, but I love that I don’t have to worry about stains and even better, I don’t have to worry about it causing breast cancer! It’s made with water, natural mineral salts and essential oils and smells fantastic. Works for even the profuse Pitta perspiration.


Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil– Absolutely could not survive the winter without this product.  Coconut oil is a wonder in itself, there are so many uses.  I use it for lotion, for massage, for eye make-up remover, for a mouth rinse (Yes, really; swish and spit to reduce germs and to whiten teeth!), its great for cooking, and two teaspoons taken orally can ease constipation. Rubbing the soles of the feet before bed can calm you and helps to soothe Vata’s restless mind. Miracle oil!


Cell-food Oxygen Skin Care Gel – Just started using this aloe vera based gel that is packed with amino acids.  You can really feel the tightening of the skin, one of the benefits claimed by the manufacturer.  It softens fine lines and restores moisture balance for all skin types. I like to think of it as ‘youth serum’!


Neutrogena Oil Free Sunblock– Still on the search for something safer, but have been using this sunblock that has a low percentage of the common ingredients found in sunscreen.  It’s easy to find locally. I’ve always worn sunscreen everyday, I think it’s an important part of reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well as sun protection.



Change is Possible…and Affordable!

So, what is your beauty drawer filled with? With the availability of choices today it’s time for all us to become more aware of what we are ingesting through our skin.  After all, everything we put on absorbs into our blood.  I think it’s important to support products that are attempting to move in a conscious direction, in turn large bath, body, and hair product suppliers will realize that it’s time to put the health and not just consumerism first.


There are resources to help you start your natural beauty process.  Skin Deep is a cosmetic safety database easily accessed online and even from your smart phone while out shopping.  This website is genius! They list products of all kinds, even perfumes, with a  safety rating of 0-10. There are over 65,000 products currently in the database each with the rate and issue of concern listed.  Trust me, it’s worth checking out!  When it’s time to purchase, local health food stores are great.  For right now, safer products are slightly pricey, I have found through my own transition that the quantity of product I’m purchasing is less and therefore I’m spending close to the same and probably less.


Good luck on your natural beauty journey and please share
what you’re using!


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    • Michelle Muttart

      September 15, 2012 at 10:34 pm

      fantastic post. Ne’er knew this, regards for letting me know.

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