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Heart of a Yogi

Heart of a Yogi

Dualism. We’ve heard the word and it’s often mentioned somewhere along the course of our yogic journey. Personally, I am working on understanding dualism versus non-dualism and where there ideas merge, is where it seems to resonate for me.   As with most books I’m led to, it has to be read at the right moment in my experience, this one is a definite. I found this online today and the excerpt almost brought me to tears, it’s the most simplistic explanation I’ve found, as simple as it can be anyway! 🙂 The good news is either way that appeals to you, dualistic or non-dualistic, yoga is the answer!

“Yoga is a union in which we are reunited with our own joy, and tells us that that joy is an elevated and abiding spiritual state, our true home.”


Yoga and Dualism from Heart of a Yogi by Doug Keller

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