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Happy New Years! January 2012 Update

Happy New Years! January 2012 Update



In many ways the holidays ran smooth and for many it was a time of letting go. We made it through the darkest nights and are now on our way into more light.  2012 promises to be an exciting year. There are a lot of changes headed our way and our evolvement is accelerating at record speeds.   The practice of yoga can help us to stay grounded during these fast-paced and changing times. Yoga serves us on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.


I’m off for a grand adventure next week to the Sivananda Ashram in Paradise Island to deepen my own practice, and per the course, I was delighted and surprised when my travel companion turned out to be my loving husband. He is progressing into his own path with yoga and has decided to complete the Teachers Training Program! Of course, he picked the tropics! Rob will begin teaching at the studio upon completing his training.




While I am away, I have very qualified instructors covering my classes who will take care of you; one is the lovely Jennifer Speidan, please look at her bio on our website. Lesley and Kelly have so graciously offered to cover what they could. Sofia, bless her heart, is having issues with her shoulder, so please send her healing thoughts and prayers. She will be doing what she can. 

My mother Anita will be answering my cell phone. She knows the ends and outs and will assist you in any way.  I will have access to emails and you can reach me that way.
Massage is now available at the studio. Please call Debbie at 540-641-1223 to schedule your appointment!




The only change that I need to speak of is for the Friday morning class.  The time will change to 9:15am and end at 10:15am. Please make note of this change.  When I come back we can decide to keep that time or go back to our normal time of 9:30am.
All the best,


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