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About Omkarra and Michelle Maha Vidya






The word yoga means union, to yolk, unite, or integrate.  This is exactly the journey that I have found.  Ten years ago I attended my first yoga class to develop physical strength, little did I know then, that a life-long passion was ignited. I quickly became a certified and registered yoga teacher through Yama Therapeutics, receiving my first initiation and Yogic name, OMKARRA.  Now I have taught over 1000 classes!  Eventually my studies and passions took me to Mother India where I received my second initiation and Yogic name, MAHA VIDYA.  And now it has all come together.  Over the years my love of learning and holistic ideas has provided me with a unique yet complimentary set of knowledge.  I now integrate them all into each other.


YOGA to show others how to reclaim balance of mind, body, and spirit

AYURVEDA to provide consultations for those who wanted a more holistic approach to common issues within the body.

GUIDED MEDITATION to provide a deep relaxing state.

REIKI attunement to help facilitate energetic healings.

HYPNO THERAPY to help integrate on a subconscious level.

YOGA NIDRA to provide sessions that are a unique blend of yoga, meditation, hypnosis, and inner work that provide remarkable experiences.

PSYCHIC MEMDIUMSHIP to help assist those who need intuitive guidance on their path and connection to those who have moved on.





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